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Latest News: Minute Tower, Speed Tower & Other Updates
August 16, 2014 12:03:23pm

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Da Man


Just a few updates to announce.

/img/minute_tower.gif /img/speed-tower.gif
There are two new battle towers.
The first being the Minute Tower, which you can challenge to test how many Pokemon you can faint within a minute!
The other tower is the Speed Tower, which you can challenge to see how fast you can faint 25 Pokemon.
Like other towers, personal records are taken and the best daily records of the Minute & Speed towers are given prizes.

You can obtain further evolution items and a Soothe Bell from treasure boxes. A soothe bell doubles the rate at which your Pokemon gains happiness.

On the profile pages, you can now view all of the user's other userbars.

A new map has been implemented (Al Sahra). Feel free to PM me with new maps (providing an image) and I may consider implementing that map in.

Da Man

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