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Latest News: Updates To Announce!
July 16, 2014 4:19:52pm

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Da Man


Recently I have been mostly concentrating on bug-fixing and optimising the game to make it run faster.

One of the updates I have completed is the trainer card update (although it is in DEMO-phase, as I plan to add much more features than that). You can access this from the city page under Town Hall.

Another update is that the rosters of players are displayed in forums.

In Dungeons, you can now ride a bicycle (requires orienteering level of 125). Bicycles are now released and you can buy them at the dep. store. Cycling from city to city requires an orienteering level of 60.

You can now sort by items in the Manage Pokemon section. You can also view a Pokemon's nickname and whether they are loaned or not when managing your roster.

In the Pokemon profile pages, you can equip or unequip items.

When sending money, coins, points, items or pokemon to another player, you can add a small note which will be attached to the recipient's event.

For defeating the Mysterious Trainer, you will be rewarded with a Mew Ribbon.

Da Man. :)

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