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June 16, 2012 12:58:49pm (This post was last modified: June 16, 2012 6:27:22pm by Da Man.)
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Some more updates. I don't need to write an essay on this, so here they are below.

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Auction House - Search Owners, you can now search owners of auctioned pokemon via the Auction House, thanks Venom717 for the idea.

View My Threads - yes, there is a button near View Today's Post on the top right corner of the forums so you can quickly view the threads you have created, this is extremely convenient, it was a great idea magnetrise.

50/50 points, bet points, probably won't need to explain further as you should be familiar with the 50/50 game already. Suggested by 3ed3 and possibly many other people as this is a common sense idea.

Staff Applications - I am working on shaping a better staff list, all entries welcome. Visit your city page and it is under Town Hall.

Delete forum reputation - the name says it all.

Also, for your own safety, if you haven't changed your password since the 23rd May 2012, please do so, thanks!

Thanks everyone for being patient and understanding that I take my exams seriously and the turn of bad luck that has happened in the game, I really appreciate it. And thanks for supporting the game, it wouldn't exist without the continuous support of everybody. You all rock! :)

Thanks once again,
Da Man

[you must login to view links] - the #1 site to repeat YouTube videos
[you must login to view links] - repeat YouTube videos with the sound of rain

Looking for people to create high quality Pokemon Creed commentaries/tutorial/gameplay vids - PM me.

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