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MOAR updates :)
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MOAR updates :)
July 08, 2012 3:21:25pm
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MOAR updates :)
Hey all,

Just announcing a few more updates I done. I'm trying to update a lot of the game now than and recode it so the game would grow faster.
Not sure if my usual updating speeds last year was good, so from yesterday I decided to update and code more.

Probably won't be possible once my school holiday ends when I return to college.
But I'll make sure to update it at least twice a month during college.

Onto the updates.

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Mailbox updates: You can now save and report messages. Saving messages is very convenient for reminders, future reference, etc..
Saved messages can last forever instead of the usual two months until unsaved.
To reduce spam, the report feature has been partially implemented, will be improved soon.

Personal Bests: Yup, I'm working on adding more stats to the players, an update I should have done a long time ago.
You can view your personal bests on your public profile, same with other players. More will be implemented.

Also I am still recoding my game, reasons are it will speed up the game and future updates (as my new code will be neater/efficient compared to the old one).

Da Man.

[you must login to view links] - the #1 site to repeat YouTube videos
[you must login to view links] - repeat YouTube videos with the sound of rain

Looking for people to create high quality Pokemon Creed commentaries/tutorial/gameplay vids - PM me.

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