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Ruining Da Man's Streak
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Ruining Da Man's Streak
August 11, 2012 12:11:57pm (This post was last modified: August 11, 2012 12:16:33pm by Dualot.)
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Ruining Da Man's Streak
Woah, just ruined Da Man's 20+ Thread streak :]

Well here's the updates so far:

-The main update is the forums, new template, new thread icons and different colours.
There will also new forum templates coming soon!


-New sprites will be added/updated every day since most of the old ones are pretty bad, be sure to keep complaining in the complain thread in Graphics Showcase! - refresh/F5 once if you cannot see the changes to the new Golden sprites.

Not only Golden sprites, Cursed, Luminous etc.. will also be updated daily!
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-Oh, also, better be watching out in the RPG, Moderators and above can freeze accounts now (ban alternate), so better behave yourselves.
Freezing can be a ban, perm, few days, but it can be in a useful way, if you're away on holiday and want your account to be safe, then you can ask a Moderator to keep your account safe!

Temporary forum bans and a countdown timer are now added in too. Chat perm bans are also added instead of just having temporary chat bans.

More updates to come:

  • Clan ranks
  • Clan wars
  • Random Mini-games
  • More sprite updates!

Got any questions? Any questions are fine, shoot 'catcherpro' #16009 a PM.
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