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Back after three days + Very Important News
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Back after three days + Very Important News
August 27, 2012 8:20:55pm (This post was last modified: August 29, 2012 5:45:58pm by Da Man.)
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Back after three days + Very Important News

I'm back, sorry that I have not been active at all for the last three days due to some circumstances. Don't worry, it's really nothing but rather keep it private XD. Really, it's nothing. Please don't ask either. :P

Now I'm back but at the moment I am a little tired so tomorrow I will continue checking/working on my website and I won't do much today.

Updates are that the date of a Pokemon's creation is displayed on the Pokemon profile page.

However, older Pokemon are given are estimate date using an algorithm I have coded.
Newer pokemon have the original owners logged and displayed in the Pokemon profile page.

/img/icon/GoldenLugia.gif /img/icon/LuminousRayquaza.gif /img/icon/ShadowGroudon.gif /img/icon/GoldenCelebi.gif

Also, there are new mini pokemon icons for coloured Pokemon, the only ones that are not done yet are Cursed and Shiny.
I have manually did these myself and it has taken me weeks!

Unfortunately, for some reason there has been a lot of awful happenings:
I am going to college and it will be pretty much impossible for me to spend hours coding in a regular schedule like I am now due to study.
The exam results were pretty good BTW, had A* for Maths and a few other good grades but unfortunately some of the grades were as low as D, as I did not study much due to the fact I wanted to update Pokemon Creed and that I am the only coder.

So I will be hiring trustworthy coders for real money during college in order to keep this game updated as it was before I started college.
Please do not apply to be a coder as I have contacts with good coders already.

Suddenly huge DDoS attacks and bots that refresh my pages to purposely lagg my page, therefore I have had to purchase a much better server with more bandwidth, purchase high quality DDoS protection which costs almost the same as my server.
This never happened for years until now, I do not know why they're refreshing/DDoSing my website and this has forced me to purchase protection and a better server. :L
These DDoS attacks are no ordinary DDoS attacks unfortunately, they are more powerful than I have ever encountered.

Due to these recent occurances, I cannot keep up with the expenses alone (luckily I have a job coding for other people) so therefore I have enough to pay Pokemon Creed for a while but unfortanately college is starting. I have decided to add donations back to the game just like it was some months ago in order for Pokemon Creed to grow faster than before without lagg and not the opposite, they were removed because I decided to add extra advertisement to replace this, unfortunately it did not work and so I removed them. I could handle having no donations until the DDoS attacks came. Now I will remove a little more advertisement. Charity will stay and will increase. Only thing that will change is the timing of the charity donations as re-investing into Pokemon Creed will allow bigger but less charity donations in the long run than making many smaller donations.

Without donations Pokemon Creed will still be able to pay for its servers and DDoS protection. Unfortunately due to the refreshing and circumstances, it may halt charity donation and being the most updated Pokemon MMORPG (literally, this is difficult to do, trust me and almost impossible in college).

I purchased a better server this month due to DDoS attacks, it is a little faster now but unfortunately the refreshing is still there but DDoS protection has prevented most of it.

I do not want to expose exact numbers and how powerful my protection is as it may cause the DDoS attackers to be smarter about how much to DDoS.

Edit: I hope the site is not so laggy now. I have checked my server logs and it doesn't look good.

I will try code some updates myself from time to time.
As I've almost finished coding 50/50 trades and should be done in a few days. Also live battle systems will be re-released after the game battle system has been recoded, which is likely to be in a months time or two.
The old battle systems (roughly 2 years ago) were too laggy.

Thank you for all the support over the span of Pokemon Creed during its good and bad times,
Da Man.

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Looking for people to create high quality Pokemon Creed commentaries/tutorial/gameplay vids - PM me.

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