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News Headlines
October 07, 2012 2:20:29pm (This post was last modified: October 07, 2012 2:24:13pm by Da Man.)
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News Headlines

Just a few updates to announce, not many in-game updates other than many bug-patches.

At the moment I am in the middle of recoding a part of the game which would speed up the server by 50-70%.

/img/rock.png /img/paper.png /img/scissors.png
On the 50/50 game, you now have the option of playing rock/paper/scissors. A very minor glitch of this was discovered and fixed today.

While loaning pokemon, it does not change your nickname anymore, the nickname is still retained. This only has affect on pokemon loaned today or after.

Pokedex - added Ajax and somewhat improved the pokedex.

The racing feature of the 50/50 game has been converted into a seperate minigame.

There will be a 99% chance of having another halloween event like we did last time.

Also, many updates will be completed at the end of this month just like in the summer holidays, as I have more free time then.

I genuinely wish you well and have a good evening,
Da Man

Looking for artists to help create sprites/UI/tiles/backgrounds/characters for Pokemon Creed. If interested, PM me with portfolio.[/b]

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