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Pokemon Creed - Forum Rules
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Pokemon Creed - Forum Rules
February 15, 2013 6:48:18pm (This post was last modified: August 05, 2015 4:52:37pm by Dualot.)
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Pokemon Creed - Forum Rules
These are the rules for the FORUMS - Read all of them to make sure you don't get banned.

Note: These rules can be changed at ANY time, or updated. So checking this regularly is wise.

Main Rules:

  1. Do not randomly bully or talk to other members in a tone that denotes bullying. We will often give you a warning or ban you for this and we look down on this kind of behaviour.

  2. Do NOT create two posts in the same thread in a row (double posting). Even if they are different posts.

  3. This forum is for English speakers only, so please do NOT type in any other language.

  4. You may only be allowed to bump your own thread once the thread is on the second page AND 30 minutes has passed. (Bumping means posting something to get your thread back up to the top). Not following this rule will lead to your thread either being locked or deleted. Worse cases will be that you will be forum banned.

  5. Spam is not allowed on here, if you are seen spamming you will be banned.

  6. This is a children's game, so we do NOT want any swearing/offensive language.

  7. Arguing or flaming with each other will NOT be allowed. Please do not retaliate if you are not the one to start it.

  8. Do not post any inappropriate images/content here.

  9. Do not troll on the forums, if you are trolling please leave the game.

  10. Do not make fake contests.

  11. Scamming/Cross-trading is NOT allowed.

  12. Creating threads to beg/ask for free stuff/donations is NOT allowed.

  13. Please do not create a thread subject with loads of capitals in, a few is fine, but many is NOT.

  14. Whilst doing that, if your thread's first post is in massive font/spammed with loads of emotions, it will be locked/deleted and you may be warned.

  15. Do not trade accounts or post your account details.

  16. Do not ask for other people's password.

  17. Do not post links to advertise other sites E.g. referral links, games.

  18. Do not create another thread and talk about other Pokemon RPG Games. Other games may be allowed.

  19. Do not post Phishing links to obtain other people's account details.

  20. If you are banned, please do not go another account, we will increase the ban length more. Please remember we can check who's online and who's not on the forums.

  21. Common sense is essential here, if you do not have common sense, please do not visit here.

  22. Posting threads which are encouraging spam, or already been posted in the past will be locked/deleted.

  23. Creating loads of similar threads in a section in a short period of time is classed as spamming, so please just edit one thread and combine your thoughts together.

  24. Creating a 'hate' thread is NOT allowed - E.g. Creating a thread to offend them.

  25. Quitting threads will not be tolerated, just leave quietly no need for all the attention.

  26. Do NOT post in a old/inactive thread which hasn't been brought up for more than a month. If you have something new to add, create a new thread instead with something new. However, do not post anything which is considered 'useless'.

  27. Do NOT post in a question thread which has already been answered unless you have something which is RELEVANT and NEW to the question. Otherwise do not post if you have nothing new to add. As this is considered spam and you will be banned.

  28. Do NOT ask or encourage people to give you a reputation. This applies for chat and RPG.

  29. Do not nag/ask about a ban/freeze which isn't your account, the owner of that account has options to ask about it in the appeal section.

  30. If a rule is not here, then a staff may give you a warning for the less serious ones.

Please read them carefully - Please remember that warnings may, or may NOT be given to some rules. Also depending on how severe you have broken the rules, you may also be frozen/banned on the RPG, and also banned on the chats. So be warned.

(If you don't know what some of the words mean in the rules, here are a few which you might not know.)

  • Troll/Trolling - Saying stupid things, offending people on the chat room.
  • Phishing Links - Links which when you type your details in, the owner of the website can know what the 'details' are.
  • Flamed/Flaming - Basically attacking other with words which may offend them.
  • Ban evade - Going on another account whilst you're still banned on the other account.
  • Impersonating - Saying your someone else when you're not.
  • Cross-Trade - Trading Pokemon Creed Stuff for another game's stuff.
  • Multi-Posting - Posting two or more posts in a row.

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