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Some Updates! Exams ended!
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Some Updates! Exams ended!
June 24, 2013 6:41:01pm (This post was last modified: June 24, 2013 7:55:02pm by Da Man.)
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Some Updates! Exams ended!
Hello everyone!

While an unlucky few still have some exams to go this year, I have recently finished my exams and completed a few updates.

I don't think my updating frequency are up to my former standards due to problems but I hope you like these updates! Lately and as usual, there are many things I had to take care of. Many of them I would like to keep private but one of them is education. Education is important and I recommend you to ask the staff to temporarily freeze your account within 20 days of your real exams (I spare one whole day to revision per month and revise 7 days before an exam like mad; I don't do much revision otherwise). I will release my revision methods that has allowed me to get good grades, as some people blindly revise and not use the best revision methods, (i.e. writing down a simplified fact multiple times is better than reading complicated sentences from the book multiple times; also, do many real past/former exam papers as it really helps exam technique and to know what the examiner wants to see).

There are many people trying to harm and slow down the game and I have been sorting this out by recoding a lot of the game and altering the firewall settings. Things have been especially hard for me in the past few months and not easy; I am sure only the people who strangely hate Pokemon Creed will feel good hearing this which is just wrong. I do not hate these people though as hating will not benefit me.

I did not have much time to announce some updates on Creed's anniversary. Just like to take time to say thank you. You have supported Pokemon Creed for a while and through this time, I genuinely believe we have grown to be the most successful and unique Pokemon MMORPG to existence while contributing to society through charities, education and awareness. Thank you for your support. I do not want to take credit for this as I am not a player, only a programmer who wants to practise and harness my programming skills.

The workload and managing Pokemon Creed as well as college simultaneously (since I took 5 AS subjects while many take only 3) is a lot.

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The updates are as follows:
Snorlax Master Of The Day - winner gets 1k coins, Snorlax Ribbon and $100,000,000.
Infinity Master Of The Day - similar concept and prizes.
Infinity Tower added.

Whilst logged in to the forums, there are link shortcuts to creating trades, messaging, battling and so forth when viewing threads and posts.

A new template has been added! Check it out in Account Preferences. Please note it is in BETA and I do not like the template at the moment. This is only for testing purposes and I will update it later to make it more suitable and look 'right'. I don't think this template is recommended unless you like the template.

Please remember I still have college and can only update a lot in the summer holidays.

In the next updates I will be coding accurate educational captchas for popular GCSEs, A-level subjects as it is sat internationally, I will also look into SAT and other popular exam systems in the future.

The game will also be slowly recoded to ensure stability.

Da Man.

Looking for artists to help create sprites/UI/tiles/backgrounds/characters for Pokemon Creed. If interested, PM me with portfolio.[/b]

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