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Super Updates - Clans, Who's That Pokemon, Pokedex Entries
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Super Updates - Clans, Who's That Pokemon, Pokedex Entries
February 15, 2014 8:42:30pm (This post was last modified: February 15, 2014 10:19:46pm by Da Man.)
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Super Updates - Clans, Who's That Pokemon, Pokedex Entries
Hey there, :)

I managed to get my hands on some time and have decided to program a few nice features for you all.

Clans - I've improved the layout of it and introduced gradient names to clans. Clan tags are now displayed in user profiles but will soon be in other places.
Special effects are now available to users who have a gradient name. Clan members count are more stable now and a "score" variable is introduced.

/sprites/Arceus.png /sprites/Giratina.png
Who's That Pokemon?
A new minigame which can be accessed from the Games Corner.
A shadow of the random Pokemon is shown to you.
You have 90 seconds to guess what the Pokemon being shown is. Prizes/rewards are coming soon!

Pokedex Entries - You can now submit Pokedex entries. This will be used to unlock things in the future and you gain orienteering experience as a result of submitting them.

Shorthand/colour coded number viewing -
For highscores or clan listings, where numbers are ridiculously huge, I have implemented a colour coded number system.
The notations I will be using is one that scientists use and ones that you might come across if you learn high-level science.
For example:
$500.5M is seen instead of $505,835,362.
$52.3k is seen instead of $52,352.
450G instead of 450,000,000,000.00

1T = 1 Tera =1,000,000,000,000.
1G = 1 Giga = 1,000,000,000.
1M = 1 Mega = 1,000,000.
1k = 1 Kilo = 1,000.

Have a nice day! :)
Da Man

Looking for artists to help create sprites/UI/tiles/backgrounds/characters for Pokemon Creed. If interested, PM me with portfolio.[/b]

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