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Kanto's Early Days
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Kanto's Early Days
June 14, 2014 1:59:48pm
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Kanto's Early Days
This is actually a Nuzlocke Story I'm working on, And No, I don't think it needs to be in Roleplay Center. .-.
Here's the info of what I'll be doing with this.
Game: Pokemon Red for the Game Boy
Trainer: Link (My Go-to name for every playthrough)
Starter: Bulbasaur (If Male, Vine, if Female, Ivy)
Rules I'll follow:
1. A Pokemon Faint, Is a Dead Pokemon and will be tossed back into the wild.
2. Nickname ALL the Pokemon!
3. Catch a Legendary Regardless if you've already caught a Pokemon in that area.
4. One Pokemon Per Route and NOTHING ELSE, Considering Coulor isn't in the game, I won't have to bother with Shinies.
Thing's I'll update
My Pokemon Team (With Level, Moves, and nickname)
Before you ask, Yes, I'll be getting Pictographs of my Pokemon playthrough, and MAYBE make a Comic of it .3.

This'll begin Next Page, I'll put a review page later

Prepare for the makeover!




A force as strong as life itself! I'm Glitter Spring!

Okay now that THAT'S over with.
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[you must login to view images] "Here we go."
[you must login to view images] <-That's pretty much a Midi made by Sans.
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