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6th Generation, Bug Fixes, Minor Dungeon Updates
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6th Generation, Bug Fixes, Minor Dungeon Updates
July 06, 2014 2:20:06pm (This post was last modified: July 06, 2014 2:24:15pm by Da Man.)
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6th Generation, Bug Fixes, Minor Dungeon Updates

/sprites/Doublade.png /sprites/Diancie.png
6th Generation Pokemon have just been added in (including their Shiny versions). Every single 6th generation icon and its coloured versions have been animated. Only the mini-shiny icons still need to be completed.

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Looking at the Dungeon updates, mining has been implemented (although not completely). Currently, there are only two types of trees and rocks. The feature of stairs have been implemented and the crafting skill, smelting, will soon be implemented in the dungeon where you can smelt wherever there is a furnace in the dungeon. Smelting will be a crafting skill. Rocks and trees now spawn approximately every 23 seconds but will not spawn if you are too close to the rock/tree spot.

A few bugs have been fixed recently, some include:
* Trade bug - some trades couldn't be created.
* Broken links in the city page.
* Broken Eevee evolution images.
* Challenging your own throne.
* Some item names won't show in profile.

Thanks for reading!

More updates to come! :)
Da Man.

Looking for artists to help create sprites/UI/tiles/backgrounds/characters for Pokemon Creed. If interested, PM me with portfolio.[/b]

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