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Evos, Breeding & Search Pokemon
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Evos, Breeding & Search Pokemon
August 01, 2014 3:03:08pm (This post was last modified: August 01, 2014 3:07:39pm by Da Man.)
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Evos, Breeding & Search Pokemon

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I have recently implemented the breeding system.
This allows any two of your Pokemon to breed as long as they share a common egg group (excluding undiscovered) and are of opposite genders.
This requires 345 Pokedex Entries.

Also, the evolution system has been completely recoded. All of the Pokemon that require an evolution stone to evolve can be done so. All Pokemon with multiple evolution paths have been completed. Pokemon that evolve by trade, other item, specific happiness, gender or time of day (morning/night/day) have been implemented. You can also evolve a Pokemon without making it into your starter by clicking on the name of your Pokemon when managing your Pokemon (i.e. clicking on Evolve Pokemon on the Pokemon profile pages). The only exceptions (evolutions that are not completed yet) are Pokemon that evolve by location or other requirements.

There is a Search Pokemon feature, where you can search Pokemon given a criteria. At the moment, this criteria is only limited to trainer, original trainer and the name of the Pokemon.

The Pokedex has been improved, showing much more information. When unlocking the Pokedex entry, extra Pokemon description will be revealed. You can now search by Egg Groups, type (e.g. Grass, Fighting) and the search results will display which of the entries have been submitted.

Da Man.

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