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Pokemon Crossing (A Fanfiction by UmbreonRogue)
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Pokemon Crossing (A Fanfiction by UmbreonRogue)
June 30, 2015 5:34:15pm (This post was last modified: July 13, 2015 6:12:46pm by UmbreonRogue.)
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Pokemon Crossing (A Fanfiction by UmbreonRogue)
I looked through Forum Search, and I saw that stories have been done before--just not very often. So here's one I wanted to do for a while. Enjoy!


Bright yellow tape lit up by flashing red and blue lights adorn the streets of Colbur City. The citizens were craning their necks to see the scene, prompting some parents to cover their offspring's eyes. The police Arcanine are gathered around a recent murder victim. A few witnesses were being questioned.

One, in particular, was a young, female Absol. She was standing next to two older Absol that was her mother and father, and she was being questioned about what she saw.

The Arcanine was being gentle with the child, since what she saw traumatized her. But one statement caught his attention.

"I tried to warn them," she said.

"How did you know?" the Arcanine asked, intrigued.

The Absol shook her white furred head. "I just knew."

(OoC: Sorry for it being a little dark. Also, I don't believe in using an "s" in Pokemon plural. I would say two Zoroark, not two Zoroarks. So, somehow this Absol knew the murder would happen! What's up with her? I'll explore this more in the following two chapters!)

Chapter 1

A grown Absol dashed through the busy crowd, the bag around her neck bouncing rhythmically against her furry leg.

"Sorry! Excuse me! Coming through!"

Shouts of protest and anger ring out as she continuously bumped into Pokemon. Her crimson eyes looked up to see her destination, squat building standing near metal train tracks. An Ambipom stood in front of an old-fashioned locomotive, with thankfully no lines. The Absol ran up to the light violet monkey-like Pokemon, panting.

The Ambipom glanced at her, likely wondering why the Dark-type was in such a hurry, but only said, "Ticket?"

She dug a yellow and pink ticket out of the bag with her mouth, which the Ambipom took in one of his hand-like tail. The conductor gestured the Absol to get on board, which she did so.

The Absol found a seat in the back, ignoring what few Pokemon there were. They usually don't talk to her, and she didn't expect them to either thanks to her..."gift". Thanks to the said gift, she was viewed as a bad omen at best, and at the very worst, a murderer or an accomplice to a killer. But now she was moving to Pecha Town, she could start fresh. Have a new, clean slate.

A pale blue snake-like dragon with a white muzzle slid over to the seat next to the Absol, the latter paying no mind.

"All aboard!" the Ambipom shouted, and hopped on board. And with a hiss and a whistle, the train was off to Pecha Town.

The Dratini that was on the train seat next her suddenly said to the Absol, "Hi!"

The Absol looked at her, surprised at being talked to. "Me? Um, hi."

"My name's Ryuu!" she introduced herself. Ryuu appeared to be in her late teens, and the Absol guessed that the Dratini wasn't very high-leveled, which is why she wasn't a Dragonair nor a Dragonite.

"What's your name?" Ryuu asked.

"I'm Cryptis," said the Absol.

With nothing else to do other than watch the zooming endless green outside, broken only by the occasional building or billboard, Cryptis chatted with her new friend. Turned out, Ryuu was from Habanville, not Colbur City, and she moved for financial reasons.

Finally, out the corner of her eye, she spotted a sign that read, "Welcome to Pecha Town!"

We're here...

Chapter 2

The train pulled into a stop at a station similar to the one in Colbur City.

"Oh! It's more beautiful than I thought it would be!" Ryuu said excitedly.

And low murder rate and accident rate, too, Cryptis thought to herself. She had what could be considered the upgraded version of the natural Absol ability to predict disasters--she could sense when any tragic event could happen, whether it by murder, accident, disease, or anything else. Peaceful deaths were ignored by her ability.

The Ambipom tipped his conductor's hat as the Absol and Dratini stepped off the train.

"I hope you had a lovely trip, ladies," he said.

Then the Ambipom went back onboard to drive the locomotive to the next stop.

The Absol suddenly realized she had no way of knowing where to go to find a home in this new town.

"Hey Ryuu, do you happen to have a map of the place?" Cryptis asked. Ryuu shook her head.

"I forgot it."


"We can ask around town!" Ryuu piped in.

And thus the two lost Pokemon wandered through town, asking for directions, only to be ignored thanks to the rushing to work and home. The duo was starting to become discouraged, until Cryptis accidentally bumped into an Eternal Floette.

"Excuse me, I didn't mean to run into you!" said the panicked and flustered Cryptis.

The Floette, who seemed to be a very rare male of his kind, assured her, "It's okay! I wasn't watching where I was going either."

Ryuu took this opportunity to ask for help. "Excuse me, but do you happen to know where to get a house?"

"Oh, you can find Geyser in after the two blocks straight ahead of you, at the corner. I'll show you there."

Cryptis and Ryuu followed the Floette.

"Thanks...uh, what's your name?" Cryptis inquired.

"Blueberry Thorn Roseson, but everyone just calls me Blue."

(OoC: Introduction of a full name. If you're wondering, Cryptis's full name is Cryptis Alexandra Tombmason, and Ryuu's is Ryuu Fang Dragoclaw.)

Chapter 3

(OoC: I should say this won't completely correspond to the Pokemon and AC games--there will be similar mechanics to either and maybe even some blends of both, but there will be things unique to this story.)

A female Simipour stood at the other side of the desk as Cryptis and Ryuu spoke about having a home.

"Is there any empty houses available?" Ryuu asked.

Geyser typed on the computer sitting towards the corner of her desk.

"Indeed. There is one two-story house on Baker Street, an apartment building that can still accommodate one more Pokemon, and two one-story houses next to each other on Franklin Avenue."

"I think I'll take one of the Franklin houses," replied the Absol.

Rather enthusiastically, Ryuu said, "Oh! Me too! That way, we can be neighbors!"

Geyser seemed to scroll down the screen, and told the two, "Each will cost 20,000 coins."

Cryptis brought out the insufficient 900 coins, then frowned as her friend only brought out 500. It looked like they wouldn't be able to live in Pecha Town.

Geyser grimaced, then said, "I can let you pay off the debt over time."

The duo looked up.

"We have two empty jobs in town, one as a clerk at Myst's Shop and the other at the Rhythm Cafe as a waitress and barista. You can also sell bugs, fish, and other things around town--we have many enthusiasts here."

"That sounds great!" Ryuu exclaimed. Cryptis, though remaining silent, was also happy to hear this.

"I'll show you your new homes," the Simipour announced.

On the way out, Cryptis and Ryuu encountered Blue again, and the latter happily described the Franklin houses.

Blue seemed excited as well. "Really? I live on Franklin Avenue, too. We'll be across the street from each other."


Cryptis admired the two houses. They were not really unique. Indeed, they both have the same sun-bleached red tiled roof and dark brick walls, but the Absol was going to personalize both the inside and outside of the building. They also have only one room each, but if they have enough coins, the Pokemon can have the houses expanded.

She also saw her new next-door neighbor, a rather calm-looking Excadrill, who was watering his tulips. As Cryptis's crimson eyes laid on him, she felt the all-too-familiar numbness in her paws and chill up her spine.

There was going to be a death in that Excadrill's home.

(OoC: Dun dun duuuuuuuun! And as you probably saw so far, Cryptis isn't much of a talker.)

Chapter 4

The premonition weighed on Cryptis's mind the rest of the day.

She managed to get the job at the cafe after speaking to the Unfeazant working there. Cryptis would start tomorrow. Her friend Ryuu became a clerk at Myst's Shop, owned by a navy blue Meowstic with white stripes who was named, of course, Myst.

In the meantime, Cryptis was gathering seashells to sell to collectors of such to actually get a bed to sleep on. She tried to forget about the omen, and successfully did so.

A nearby Zorua, who was picking cherries native to Pecha Town, took notice of her.

"Ah haven't seen your face around before." The Zorua notably had a southern drawl.

"Yeah. Just moved here," replied the Absol.

"Well, if ya need something ya can't afford, just come to mah lil' shop. Most Pokemon who ain't gonna wait for tomorrow to sell unwanted things to Myst come to my store, which stays up later."

"Thanks," Cryptis mumbled, taking a business card from the female Zorua. On looking at it, she discovered that the Zorua's name was Shadow.

Cryptis later stopped by Shadow's store, and got a bed for 2,500 coins.

As she went home to settle in her new bed tonight, she saw the same Excadrill hugging a older, female Shiny Excadrill that was presumably his mother as the latter emerged from the ground. She briefly considered telling the Excadrill, but decided against it, hoping that her premonition was just paranoia.

(OoC: Sorry for the short chapter, and the fact it had been quite few days since I updated this.)

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