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Superhuman (AU Vocaloid Fanfiction)
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Superhuman (AU Vocaloid Fanfiction)
July 02, 2015 12:24:20am (This post was last modified: July 04, 2015 9:06:09pm by UmbreonRogue.)
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Superhuman (AU Vocaloid Fanfiction)
While brainstorming ideas for "Pokemon Crossing", I'd like to write this as a side project. The title is a bit obvious, and the Vocaloids will actually be humans. So for Piko, the protagonist, no USB (sorry to the fellow Piko fan girls).

First off, the characters! Note that their personalities are based on common headcanon and my own headcanon. I may add more as I go on!

Utatane Piko (Age 16)- Piko's a smart boy, but he's quiet. No, unlike some headcanon, he's not shy--just more of a thinker than a talker. He's more open to people he's more familiar with. Because Piko's such a small kid, he gets picked on in school...a lot.

Hatsune Miku (Age 16)- Miku is a very friendly and happy girl, but can be a bit naive, though not as badly as Kaito. She's a popular kid in school, but doesn't use it to her advantage.

Kagamine Rin (Age 14)- Rin can be a sweet girl, though she's known to be bossy, especially with her twin brother, Len. She can be a bit selfish sometimes.

Kagamine Len (Age 14)- Len is a caring brother towards his sister. He is mature for his age, but may get detentions thanks to her sister's schemes.

Shion Kaito (Age 36)- Despite being the Algebra I and II teacher, he's clumsy, though he usually means well, since he's a generous man. Outside of math stuff, he can be forgetful. And he's obsessed with ice cream.

Sakine Meiko (Age 32)- Nobody knows why the school hired her as the language arts teacher. Oh yeah, she's good with language and grammar, but only if she's sober and not in the middle of a hangover, because she has a small (not) drinking problem. She's very strict and mean, frequently giving detentions to students for minor offenses such as speaking without raising the hand even if it is done so rarely. However, when she's sober, Meiko is a nice woman and loyal where it counts.

(OoC: More to be added, powers coming soon. I know Kaito and Meiko doesn't have surnames, but I have to give them those for this story. And is it wrong I gave a supporting character a longer description than the protagonist?)

Chapter 1

Coming soon! Still trying to figure out how to do Ch. 1.

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