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New Rules On Scamming & Macroing
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New Rules On Scamming & Macroing
November 04, 2018 12:50:11pm (This post was last modified: November 09, 2018 4:01:30pm by Da Man.)
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New Rules On Scamming & Macroing
Hi all players,

The Scam UPDATE takes effect 7th November.

Pokemon Creed prides itself in its unique and imaginative features.

Today, I have come not to announce a coding update, but one that is the riskiest and unique update I have made since releasing Pokemon Creed in 2010 - new rules. These new rules will be in place for 4-5 months, to see how it goes and whether these new rules should continue.

It's come to my attention a lot of players have been scammed, are banned, or are scamming. Scamming is bad, but it's difficult, it is easy to do it without leaving proof, while some may be banned falsely. Scamming, especially in the Internet, is common, regardless of the game or rules in that game. Even some large companies scam. It's possible to fake screenshots and proof. This is similar in macroing.

What will happen:
The following new rules or lack of, will take place by 7th November.

Macroing will no longer be bannable by humans, but by the system or automated detection methods. I'll soon update the captcha to be shown more frequently.

If we don't freeze or ban for scamming in the future, people will be more careful. Scamming will be part of game mechanics and no longer against the rules. However, this will not exclude you if you have had training jobs taken earlier than this posting date. If you can scam and get away with it, go for it. The no scamming rule means only with Pokemon Creed goods, not with any goods outside of it since that is illegal! Scamming is already common in games where it's not allowed. If you get scammed, it's your fault. That's why we created the "accept trade" button before accepting the trade so you have the time to review it.

This will effect the trading aspect, as people won't take risks as easily - making training jobs harder. An update, change of rules or change of trading level caps will be done to compensate for the difficulty of trading due to the "scamming-allowed" rule.

Scamming will be there always, and it's unsustainable to receive so many reports of scammers.

Scamming is now a game feature (just like catching a Pokemon), thus any player can scam, that includes me, Da Man, any staff, and any respected players. No one will be banned for it, even if Da Man middlemans a trade and then scams. Middlemen scamming is allowed by all.

Do NOT be racist and do NOT do any illegal activity (no hacking, DDoSing other players, and so on).


  • Scamming no longer against the rules apart from training jobs or trades you have taken on or before 7th November. If you get scammed, it's your fault. If you scam (only Pokemon Creed goods involved), then it's not against the rules. Just don't do anything illegal or hack. Trading caps might be raised or removed due to difficulty in training jobs.
  • Macroing no longer bannable by humans, only by system. Captcha will be made more frequent. If you get away with it and bypass the system, it's technically not against the rules. Obviously, do it at your own risk.
  • Do NOT do anything illegal please. NO hacking allowed.

- Da Man

Looking for artists to help create sprites/UI/tiles/backgrounds/characters for Pokemon Creed. If interested, PM me with portfolio.[/b]

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