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One Letter WTP Captcha, Bright Theme etc
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One Letter WTP Captcha, Bright Theme etc
November 22, 2018 12:17:30am (This post was last modified: November 22, 2018 1:32:07am by Da Man.)
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One Letter WTP Captcha, Bright Theme etc
Hi all!

It's been a long road since 2010.

As it's approaching Thanks Giving; I'd like to take a moment to thank all the players (from all over the world, from India, 'Murica, UK, Mexico, and so on - really cool to see people from all around the world) for their true passion, supportive culture and trust for all the years (apart from the trolls of course! :P). I'd also like to thank each member of staff (Dualot, Xhinz, zapdos, catcherpro, Grimreaper, fireheart666, Jeffrey0, brys18, jamesdomingo, RichKidDre, DaymienInferno1 the spriter of recent sprites and even Creed Bot for his questionable banter) for their support, helping set up the dankest emojis on Discord, dealing with trolls, reporting glitches/issues (there were a lot that popped up this month with the recent changes), sprites, resolving player issues, recovering forgotten passwords/accounts, freezing trolls, discussing game ideas and trust. It's not easy being staff, spriter, coder, player issue resolver etc - it is a responsible but difficult role where some expect perfection from them.

Despite the amount of trolls since 2010, a hacker social engineering my server provider in 2012, glitch abusers trying to look in every cranny of the code and trolls DDoSing the server to threaten to obtain Pokemon, Pokemon Creed has survived 8 years. We 300% definitely could not have survived without you guys and the supportive community, players and staff behind it.

Here are the updates recently:

One letter captcha, but much more often in battling. Guess the first letter of the Pokemon and you pass the captcha. 1st gen Pokemon only and guessing wrong results in increasing waiting times (gets higher each time you get it wrong). Thanks Reuben for the one letter idea.

Glacial Fissure - Bright theme. A minority of users complained about the dark themes and that it hurt their eyes. A bright theme has been "roughly" implemented and more to come after tweaking the colours. Thanks GuessWho and Fluffy Vulpix.

Battle System Interface - HP bars now go from green, to yellow then to red. Mini Pokemon icons are next to the health bars and turn "grey" when fainted. Thanks Big Mac for this idea.

Smallest Number + Raffle userbar has been implemented (thanks Leafy for all of the recently animated userbars this month). Anonymous userbar unlocked if account >= 5 years old, Infamous if >= 4 years old. Userbars that are already unlocked are now not shown on the unlocking list (thanks abcywe).

Manage Items are new better organised (thanks Zeek Wolffe for the idea).

Ash Item Crafting - 4 ashes can now be crafted into a fossil - thanks jamesdomingo for the idea.

Elite Four difficulty has been confirmed to be almost impossible, but possible. Getting this sweet spot of difficulty, the rewards will be increased for it in future (more bank interest, etc). Thanks EliteBoy (first person to beat it and suggest better rewards) and Brys18 for testing thoroughly (and 2nd to beat I think). adilkhan 3rd to beat, after 77 attempts apparently.

Auction Limit increased to 15, but can't put ordinary or Shiny Pokemon in. The original limit was there so people wouldn't put junk in the Auction.

Referral rewards increased. Max money/bank limits have doubled, and depositing into a bank or withdrawing over the limit and having money disappearing bug has been fixed.

EXP lock item bug has been fixed where a Pokemon with EXP lock could increase its level (thanks EliteBoy for providing a report with very reproducible steps).

Thanks to all the members who privately messaged me their support, words of encouragement, show of passion, referred members and reporting glitches, it means a lot - you know who you are.

That's all for now. Usually I don't like mentioning names incase I forget to thank someone, so sorry if that's the case.

Enjoy the LuminousHo-Oh promo (thanks Daymien)!

Smell ya later,
- Da Man

Looking for artists to help create sprites/UI/tiles/backgrounds/characters for Pokemon Creed. If interested, PM me with portfolio.[/b]

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