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Science Comes First PT 1
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Science Comes First PT 1
April 08, 2019 5:39:43am (This post was last modified: April 15, 2019 7:28:56pm by Withercraft.)
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Science Comes First PT 1
(Based off of Bedbananas and Criken's SCP playthroughs also not an RP, just a story, my first one so...kinda nervous)

SCP Foundation site #51

A Scientist by the name of Criken walked through the empty halls of the site area. "hellooo?" he called, but instead of another voice he heard the sound of cement grinding against cement. He turned around and came face-to-face with with a humanoid statue, SCP 173. "AaaAGh!" Criken jumped and stepped backwards keeping his eyes on 173 at all times. He breathed rapidly, and muttered "Ohhh frick". He walked backwards into a hall lit by a red light. Criken backed up feeling for the button to open the door behind him. However, he blinked causing 173 to to move closer to him. But, on the other side of the door he heard voices. A gruff voice said "Who's been leaving these doors open?" Criken's eyes widened, "Hey open the door!" another, different voice asked "why?". The door behind Criken opened and Criken rushed backwards out of the hall. The voices actually came from three class D personal, the gruff voice came from Tomato, a Caucasian male at the age of 30 The second came from Skippy another Caucasian male at 27, and Wrinklenugget a Caucasian female at 29. Skippy looked at the SCP down the hall and yelped, Wrinklenugget looked at Criken and groaned. Tomato looked at Criken "So your a scientist boi ay?" Criken ignored them and ran back, Tomato followed leaving Skippy and Wrinklenugget with SCP 173. "Do you know the way out of this place scientist boi?" Tomato called to Criken as the ran off. Criken ignoring the question responded with "I can barter your release, if you get me to MTF, I can Barter your release to let you out." "You'd better" The walked into a room that opened up vastly, revealing the containment sector for 173. Tomato looked into the empty cell, "hey I remember you sending me into one of these before...." Tomato looked at Criken. "You had me stare at the guy while you wiped his diaper off..." "Yeah this is a dead end though, if we want to leave the facility we need to find another exit." Tomato lowered his voice, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, why dont you lead the way then....mister scientist." Criken and Tomato walked back into a room where they met up with Wrinklenugget, "Hey, you tried to leave us behind, we were dead meat!" she cried in anger, "Oh no...." Criken said as they reached a checkpoint that leads to heavy containment zones. "Open up the door mister scientist" "I cant I dont have clearence" Tomato shot Criken a look "What do you mean you dont have clearence!?" Criken began to sweat a litte, "Its very complicated science mumbo-jumbo ok? I was promoted to C class, and I-I need to be promoted t-to, to B class if we wanna get through this-" "Your not even a scientist! C class is janitors!" Tomato turned to walk away, "We've been bamboozled Wrinkle..." Wrinklenugget followed suit. Tomato and Wrinklenugget walked into SCP 012's Containment chamber looking for a key card to get passed heavy checkpoint. Criken came by and shut the door using his keycard. "Theres not a damn keycard in thi............HE LOCKED US IN!!!!!!" Wrinklenugget gasped, as rapid footsteps came up to the door, followed by three bangs. "You sack of crap!" Tomato yelled, Wrinklenugget wimpered "Let us out!". "In the event of a containment breach, the d-d- D class can not be allowed to escape for any reason!" "He's reading off of his GoshDamn handbook!" Tomato yelled. Criken walked out to the doorway about to leave the hallway, however stopped and turned back. In the containment chamber Wrinklenugget turned to face Tomato,"He's a monster...." Tomato balled his hands into fists, "We should contain him!" Criken made it to the door he locked them in, "Hey I kinda made a mistake I dont actually know the way out." Tomato glared, "Yeah well Screw you! we are A- OK in here we have a full food supply, a whole agriculture system, AND a Walmart...." Criken looked at the door, "Oh". Smuggly Tomato said "Maybe we dont want you back in here" Criken shrugged, "alright well enjoy that.."
"But you can unlock the door if you want..."
"Nope, Bye"
"Wait no, c'mon unlock the door"
"Please unlock the door"
Criken was again about to walk out the door when he heard footsteps approaching, Skipp came by, "Hey!!' Criken suprised jumped a bit, "Hey I'm alive, we're both alive!!" Criken shut the door and they both ran back, however Skippy heard Tomato and Wrinklenugget.....uh......complaining over their prison. "Hey whats going on back here?" Criken tried to brush off the question "Dont ask any questions...uh... a-actually why dont you go check up on them." "No im not going in there, listen we both know theres this evil...thing running around out there, that somehow we keep slipping away fro-" Skippy was interupted by loud bangs on the door, Tomato yelled out. Criked breathed out, "Ok fine." He inserted the keycard, letting Tomato and Wrinklenugget out. Tomato turned to face Skippy, "Hey if it isnt newbie, the new D-class." Skippy was dumbfounded, "Sir you have no idea what i've been through" "yeah, yeah, how bout we let him go first he's obviously been through soooo much" "Yeah i'll go, im not afraid to go" With that Skippy walked down the hall and opened the door, revealing SCP 173 on the other side. Skippy yelped and shut the door, then immediatley ran back. Tomato turned to the other three, "Alright everyone else stare im going to squeeze by!". Tomato ran down the hall, opened the door, and squeezed between the statue and the rim of the door, followed by Wrinklenugget, then Criken and finally Skippy. Criken and Skippy made it to the hallway lit by the red light, Criken made it through the door but Skippy was blocked off by 173. "Crap!". Criken shut the door and ran off "He's screwed...."

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