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New RP survey....thing....
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New RP survey....thing....
May 06, 2019 8:35:17pm (This post was last modified: May 07, 2019 1:11:21am by Withercraft.)
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New RP survey....thing....
So im still somewhat new.... And yeah. Im aware that Forums are basically no-man's land, but I guess i'll try to breathe this place known as fOrUmS into life. SO ANYWAYS, I have a couple of ideas for roleplays...also i apologize if im coming off as annoying btw.

NOW first idea

PVZ GW2 Roleplay (Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2)
so this one is kinda obvious its Plants Fighting Zombies.....(Duh) Basically rules are you can choose to either be a Plant, Zombie or Human, same basic RP rules apply, no godmode and you know.........yeah. SO, This takes place in a town on one side a backyard with a mansion filled with light and tries to defend the race of humans....through Plants, Led by Crazy Dave they go to battle with Zombies, on the otherside and.....well attempts to rid earth of plants and eat brains, led by there mastermind zombie, Dr. Zomboss. If you somehow die, which you shouldnt, you can be revived by whichever side your on, unless its humans, then you become a zombie.


- What side you want to be, and what class you are, as well as variant (This does not apply to humans, for humans its just gender, age discription) You can also make up your own class and variant.

- Personality

- Description, (Unless u got picture)

- Backstory (Not needed)

- Other (not needed)

- abilities


side: Plants, Class: Chomper, Variant: Disco

Description: [you must login to view links]

personality: a mostly kind, animalistic for the most part type of plant, has a tendency to be over confident and puts himself in risky situations...A Lot

Background - (Nothing)

abilities: Burrow allows him to go underground and eat a zombie from below, spikeweed drops a snare down, OR can knock a zombie out of its ability (limit 3) or goop, spits on a zombie slowing them down.

Other- Likes to Dance, when he eats four zombies lights up and will deal more damage and move faster.

Examples for plant classes, Peashooter, Sunflower, Chomper, Cactus, Citron, kernel corn, and rose.

zombie classes: Imp, Super Brains, captain Deadbeard, footsoldier, engineer, scientist, and All-Star

Idea #2

The Kingdom Of Zestilria RP

In This RP a Kingdom exists that attempts to rid the world of demons, and dark magics (I mean......... yeah). Reason being, a Demon King plans to take over the realm as his own. This takes place in a world where a kingdom exists with magic (mhmm) In this world conventional weapons such as swords, bows, spears, etc.. exist, as well as guns, (PISTOLS and Rifles such as sidearms only, no AK-47 or explosive type stuff) No godemode..yaddya. However you can also start your on Kingdom, if you should choose to. RULES are, you have to tell me the name of your kingdom, if they have any goals (not needed), and how old the kingdom is.




What you are: (for example, spirit, beast, dragon, human, Basically be whatever you want)


Backstory: (Not needed)

other: (Not needed)


Lets breathe some life into The Forums Again! tell me which Of the two ideas you would want to participate in? (NOTE only vote for which RP you would like to join, if any, dont post any character description stuff, i'll post the actual RP when enough people want in)

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