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Creed Lottery - Win Big Fast
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Creed Lottery - Win Big Fast
September 18, 2019 3:16:37pm (This post was last modified: September 18, 2019 7:24:56pm by allstarhayden.)
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Creed Lottery - Win Big Fast
Creed Lottery
How to Participate:
1.Aquire 1,000 coins.
2.Send to the account ‘Creed Lottery’ or the ID #440910 with the note “Creed Lottery” in some part of it.
3.Wait…..yeah it’s that easy.


How the event will take place:
I will keep track of all the participants through the “Creed Lottery” by spreadsheet, your lottery number will be decided by order of who sent first to last.So for example if you were the first person to send you’d be in the number one position and if you’re the second to send you’d be number two.(This way could be subject to change in the future).

The sending time will be start at 00:00:00 GMT Sunday and will end at 18:30:00 GMT Saturday the drawing will then take place at 19:00:00 GMT Saturday.

If the times don’t line up with you well it doesn’t matter too much because you don’t need to do anything after you send in your draw.

I will do the drawing publicly in the discords #contests text-channel.I will use Creed Bot to roll whatever the number of participants there is and the number that is rolled will win the jackpot. I will then do two more drawings the second number drawn will win 5k worth of Pokémon and the third number drawn will win their coins back.

1. YOU ONLY GET 1 DRAW. If you send more than 1k coins you will not get another draw they will only be sent back.
2.YOU MAY NOT ENTER WITH 2 ACCOUNTS. If found participating with 2 accounts you will be permanently banned from the “Creed Lottery”,no excuses or exceptions, I will have no tolerance for cheating.
3.No sending in coins for someone else, I need to keep track by name so if you’re paying for someone send them to them beforehand.I will just do the same thing I said for the first rule.
4.I will not accept partial payments or IOU if the full 1k coins isn’t sent it will be sent back.

6.Payments of Pokemon will not be accepted under any circumstances,you will only be able to enter once by way of sending 1000 COINS.
7.If found not following rules 1,3, or 4 multiple times punishments that are up to my discretion will be dealt out.
8. If coins are sent after the acceptable drawing hours end for that day your ticket will not be counted until the next day.

Side Notes
Ok time for some extra stuff I need to explain.

Weekends drawing will start on Saturday but won’t be drawn until Sunday, so we get an extra big weekend jackpot!

If you want to donate to the pot to make it bigger for that day you can dm allstarhayden - 51649 or just @ me on discord i’m usually around.Coins or pokemon will be accepted and appreciated.Once again I will add pokemon to the jackpot but I will not accept them as payment.

If you would like to help me out with running the event you can contact me at the same place said above and I will consider it based on certain requirements.

If you have any ideas, changes, or criticism of this event I will gladly take any feedback.

I would appreciate if everyone would spread this around so we can get bigger jackpots.The prize pool will be based on how many enter that day or 2 in the case of the weekends and any donations I will not take any tax or commission out.

If anyone has any trust issues about sending me their coins I will be publicly Sharon the spreadsheet where I will be posting all the names in what positions on what dates. I also have been personally guaranteed from a staff member that if I scam anyone in anyway I’ll be banned from Creed.

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