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Battleship Contest Dec 2019 - Part 2
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Battleship Contest Dec 2019 - Part 2
December 09, 2019 9:02:16pm (This post was last modified: December 09, 2019 9:02:52pm by Dualot.)
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Battleship Contest Dec 2019 - Part 2
RPG: Playground- #425114
Discord: Playground - #1026

RPG: Zapdos - #1329
Discord - Zapdos #0637

RPG: Guesswho - #1169
Discord: Webster#0041

RPG: batmanashhha #196377
Discord: Dalton#9313


RPG: RichKidDre - #111790
Discord: RKD #1337

RPG: BangtanBoyz - #436346
Discord: bang #5098

Rpg: Zack - 1236
Discord: zack - zack#8760

RPG: joeysparky234 #3831
Discord: Jooe_234 #5132

RPG : don of legends - #425524
DISCORD: don of legends#9384

RPG: Pranjit - #386782
Discord: Death - #6059


RPG: cuvren - #442235
Discord: Chase#0138

RPG: Nithesh - #241178
Discord: Nithesh#4460


RPG: SilentXD - #377768
Discord: SilentXD - #4166
RPG: rozario - #18690
Discord - roz #0434


RPG- - AryanChopra - #396682
Discord- Auctioneer#1933

RPG: jamesdomingo - #27438
Discord: Eclipse#1337


RPG: supercooolbro5 - #324276
Discord: supercooolbro5 - #8913

RPG: BrokeBoy - #437030
Discord: BrokeBoy#3980

Unpartnered people:

brys, donut, adilkhan, ripper stefan, cranidos, snorunt, whazup, alphaa wolf, SFX1, jamesZKIL

I will give the unpartnered people a few more hours before I announce the next stage.
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December 09, 2019 9:17:39pm
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Sorry for the inconvenience, but Donut and I are partners

My info:
RPG: SFX1 ID: 440800
Discord: SFX1#0773

Donut's info:
RPG: DumbestDonut67 ID: 360481
Discord : Donut#6984
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December 10, 2019 12:40:07am
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RPG: cranidos - #2753
Discord: Pooch#9300
RPG: snorunt -#248390
Discord: Llime9 -#5751

[you must login to view images]

Sig Courtesy of Arceusboy
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December 10, 2019 12:41:10am
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Playground - zapdos
guesswho - batmanashhha
richkiddre - bangtanboyz
zack - joeysparky234
don of legends - pranjit
cuvren - nithesh
silentXD - rozario
AryanChopra - jamesdomingo
supercoolbro5 - brokeboy
SFX1 - Dumbestdonut67

New partners:
brys18 - jameszkil
adilkhan - snorunt
whazup - cranidos
ripper stefan alphaa wolf

So onto the next stage:

This is the battleship board: [you must login to view links]
Please have a look and then EACH Private message me in game("Dualot - #2"

With the subject/title - battleship coordinate

Then in the message tell me 3 coordinates:
Each square/coordinate must be connected, and cannot go diagonally.

So with the example: A1, A2, B2 would be an example.
So that would be your battleship location.
You can just do a straight line of 3 squares vertically or horizontally if you want.

So every person in the partner will need to send me 3 coordinates each.
So it's best to communicate with them so you don't pick the same ones! Or else it'll just mean if someone attacks that, you'll both get hit.
I don't think there's any skill involved, just luck!
It's also wise to not tell other people other than your partner your ship's location - that is common sense

Any questions, ask me on discord (i will open a channel specifically for the members)

MOST IMPORTANT - I will give you all THREE DAYS to send me your coordinates - if you don't send me your coordinates, there will be no ship spot for you.
So if one out of the partners don't submit, you essentially only have 3 lives instead of 6.

Last submission of your coordinates will be: Friday 13th 23:59:59 Creed Time.

Extra non-important information:
-The main prize will be L.Beldum, 50 promos, boxes and maybe more (subject to change)
-During the game/contest, there will be squares which contain prizes if you hit it
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