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Pokemon Creed - Chat Rules
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Pokemon Creed - Chat Rules
April 17, 2011 12:00:51pm (This post was last modified: August 05, 2015 4:51:32pm by Dualot.)
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Pokemon Creed - Chat Rules
Here are the Pokemon Creed Chat Rules, please read all of them to prevent yourself from being banned.

Note: These rules can be changed at ANY time, or updated. So checking this regularly is wise.

  1. This is an English-only chat room, do NOT post in a different language.

  2. We do not tolerate bullying. Talking to a member in a tone that denotes bullying or bullying anyone may result in a warning or a ban depending on how severe your bullying was.

  3. We do not tolerate spam - Including mass use of capitals and emoticons.

  4. Do not say the same/near the message in the chats repetitively whilst it's still on the same page. E.g. "Bets up", forum links, what you're trading. We have events we do not need to know who won what etc.

  5. Do not swear or use offensive language.

  6. Do not say inappropriate content, this is a children's game. If found you will be banned permanently.

  7. Flooding is NOT allowed - This means do not post loads of different posts in a row. Post them in one line.

  8. Do not type your message in capitals. Maximum amount of capitals is 3 in a word. As well as that, if staff feel that your message includes a considerate amount of capitals in it, it will involve this rule as well.

  9. As above, you may not try to 'go round' it and just type 3 letters in capitals for each word. Exploiting this rule, will result in a ban. So, if your message contains capitals which are not needed, you will be banned.

  10. Do not troll - This means anything to offend someone or say stupid things.

  11. Do not beg/ask for Pokemon, Coins, Money, Points or for anything else.

  12. Do not ask for other people's password/personal information.

  13. Do not 'Mini-Mod' whilst there is staff online on chats.

  14. Do not post links to advertise other sites. E.g. referral links, games
  15. Do not talk about other Pokemon Games, this is Pokemon Creed only. Other games maybe allowed.
  16. Posting other chat links/mentioning other chats is NOT allowed.
  17. Do not post Phishing Links.

  18. If you are banned, do not go on another account/ create a new one to get on chat room, we will ban all your accounts. Bans will increase each time you do it. This is also known as ban evading.

  19. After being chat banned, please do not bug/annoy staff to unban you/lower the time. If you do this, your chat ban may be lengthened, or if your ban is permanent, we may freeze you.

  20. If you are being flamed at, do NOT flame back, simply just report it to staff.

  21. Do not argue with staff, if you have been told to do something/or told to stop, do it.

  22. Do not login to more than ONE account in the chatroom at once.

  23. Do not accuse someone in the chats, if you think someone is breaking the rules, PM the correct staff.

  24. If your name is inappropriate, you will be banned, name change is not available so create a new account.

  25. No impersonating someone else, you will be banned if you are found doing this.

  26. Asking for the Promo to be changed/asking why doesn't it change will maybe result in a chat room ban. Also, suggesting promos will mean that promo will be at the back of the list.

  27. Being 'smart' or 'cheeky' towards a member of staff is not allowed, do it? And you will be banned.

  28. Do not attempt to scam/cross-trade whilst in the chat room.

  29. Do not make troll/fake contests.

  30. Do not nag/ask about a ban/freeze which isn't your account, the owner of that account has options to ask about it in the appeal section.

  31. This chat room is for Pokemon Creed, not a dating site, please go somewhere else.

  32. If there's a rule not listed here, staff have the authority to still warn you in the chat room.

Please read them carefully - Please remember that warnings may, or may NOT be given to some rules. Also depending on how severe you have broken the rules, you may also be frozen/banned on the RPG, and also banned on the forums. So be warned.

Also, there are some rules in the RPG rules which apply to the chat-room as well.


(If you don't know what some of the words mean in the rules, here are a few which you might not know.)

  • Flooding - Posting each or a few words in different posts when you can post them all in one post.
  • Troll/Trolling - Saying stupid things, offending people on the chat room.
  • Phishing Links - Links which when you type your details in, the owner of the website can know what the 'details' are.
  • Flamed/Flaming - Basically attacking other with words which may offend them.
  • Ban evade - Going on another account whilst you're still banned on the other account.
  • Impersonating - Saying your someone else when you're not.
  • Cross-Trade - Trading Pokemon Creed Stuff for another game's stuff.

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