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The List.
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The List.
September 02, 2012 11:32:08pm (This post was last modified: August 19, 2019 9:05:04am by brys18.)
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The List.
Hello you Pokemon Creed players, here's a awesome rate list.

Some things you need to remember:
-I have not put Shinies on this list because most shinies are quite common, therefore there is no need as the rates will differ widely.

-I have not put some Pokemon's evolution form in because some of them do not have a level 5 form. Therefore the unbase evolved form is what the pre-evolution rate and maybe a bit lower. Some Pokemon's evolutions are added as there are either based forms of them, the pre-evolution has multiple forms and does not evolve into that one, or simply that the pre-evolution is either N/A.

-Pokemon in color are obtainable for that price. From either Games Corner or Laboratory.

-Base = Level 5.

-These rates are not the 'official' rates as there is no official rate, you people can trade for what you like. Don't come crying to me if you get ripped off because you used my rates. You DON'T have to use this.

-If a Pokemon is rated "N/A" it doesn't mean it's rated so much, it can't be rated, it just means that: someone has hoarded most of them so it's impossible to rate, or there are too many inactive/banned so rating them will be hard. Just trade for what YOU think it's worth.

-This rate list is rated from Rarity, Popularity, Sprite, and amount of them that are active.

-Staff members will have the right to change this at any time when I'm not online. I have PM'ed those staff members that can edit this.

-Lastly, enjoy.

-Use Ctrl + F to find specific Pokemon.

G = Genderless
M = Male
F = Female
B= Base
UB= Unbase
+ = The rate could be higher


ShadowDratini N/A
ShadowMakuhita N/A
ShadowRaikou 8m
ShadowDarkrai 5m
ShadowMew 5m
ShadowLugia 3.5m
ShadowTeddiursa 3m
ShadowMewtwo 1.5M+
ShadowGlalie 800k (Only if it base, if it above level 42, it worth less then ShadowSnorunt)
ShadowZapdos 350k
ShadowRayquaza (B) = 300k (UB) = 225k
ShadowDiancie 175k
ShadowZygarde 170k
ShadowSuicune 150k
ShadowCranidos 120k
ShadowDialga 110k
ShadowSewaddle 100k
ShadowGolett 90k
ShadowEntei 80k
ShadowPalkia 70k
ShadowArticuno 65k
ShadowSurskit 55k
ShadowSableye 50k
ShadowClamperl 50k
ShadowPorygon 50k
ShadowJigglypuff 48k
ShadowGroudon 45k
ShadowArceus 45k
ShadowVulpix 35k
ShadowShinx 35k
ShadowExeggcute 30k
ShadowBulbasaur 26k
ShadowWeedle 24k
ShadowBagon 22k
ShadowPumpkaboo 22k
ShadowLatias 20k
ShadowAbsol 20k
ShadowCharmander 20k
ShadowRattata 20k
ShadowShelmet 20k
ShadowJirachi 19k
ShadowFerroseed 19k
ShadowVictini 18k
ShadowSpiritomb 18k
ShadowLarvitar 16k
ShadowCyndaquil 16k
ShadowTrubbish 15k
ShadowRiolu 15k
ShadowMesprit 15k
ShadowSquirtle 15k
ShadowMeloetta 15k
ShadowHo-oh 15k
ShadowVaporeon 14k
ShadowPhione 14k
ShadowManaphy 14k
ShadowEmolga 14k
ShadowPichu 13k
ShadowCelebi 12k
ShadowRalts 12k
ShadowIllumise 12k
ShadowSpinarak 11k
ShadowLitwick 11k
ShadowNincada 11k
ShadowScyther 10k
ShadowUxie 10k
ShadowPiplup 10k
ShadowChingling 10k
ShadowAipom 10k
ShadowAzelf 9.5k
ShadowSandshrew 9.5k
ShadowLatios 9k
ShadowGible 9k
ShadowGligar 9k
ShadowChikorita 9k
ShadowPidgey 9k
ShadowAxew 8.5k
ShadowShaymin 8k
ShadowSlowpoke 8k
ShadowMoltres 8k
ShadowMaractus 8k
ShadowNatu 8k
ShadowBonsly 8k
ShadowMeditite 7.5k
ShadowGrowlithe 7.5k
ShadowGothita 7k
ShadowEkans 7k
ShadowPoochyena 6.8k
ShadowOshawott 6.5k
ShadowHappiny 6.5k
ShadowMienfoo 6.5k
ShadowMunchlax 6.3k
ShadowShroomish 6k
ShadowMagikarp 6k
ShadowMunna 6k
ShadowVenipede 6k
ShadowSwablu 6k
ShadowSandile 6k
ShadowSigilyph 6k
ShadowGeodude 6k
ShadowCaterpie 5k
ShadowSkarmory 5k
ShadowTreecko 5k
ShadowKecleon 5k
ShadowPsyduck 5k
ShadowAerodactyl 5k
ShadowSpearow 5k
ShadowSolosis 5k
ShadowSnorunt 4.8k
ShadowAron 4.5k
ShadowTorchic 4.5k
ShadowMudkip 4k
ShadowHawlucha 4k
ShadowPonyta 4k
ShadowDeino 4k
ShadowTotodile 4k
ShadowVirizion 4k
ShadowMeowth 3.5k
ShadowSawk 3.5k
ShadowTimburr 3.5k
ShadowKarrablast 3.5k
ShadowAbra 3.5k
ShadowNosepass 3.5k
ShadowAzurill 3.5k
ShadowGoldeen 3.4k
ShadowMachop 3.4k
ShadowMankey 3.2k
ShadowScraggy 3.1k
ShadowSmoochum 3k
ShadowMinccino 3k
ShadowSlakoth 3k
ShadowAnorith 3k
ShadowTauros 3k
ShadowHoothoot 3k
ShadowMinun 3k
ShadowBuneary 3k
ShadowWurmple 3k
ShadowSentret 3k
ShadowBidoof 3k
ShadowRufflet 3k
ShadowLickitung 3k
ShadowHitmonchan 3k
ShadowKrabby 2.9k
ShadowCroagunk 2.8k
ShadowFrillish 2.8k
ShadowYanma 2.8k
ShadowVenonat 2.8k
ShadowParas 2.8k
ShadowPineco 2.8k
ShadowBuizel 2.5k
ShadowDrilbur 2.5k
ShadowEelektrik 2.5k
ShadowSnubbull 2.5k
ShadowMagnemite 2.5k
ShadowHelioptile 2.5k
ShadowSpheal 2.5k
ShadowStaryu 2.3k
ShadowDunsparce 2.2k
ShadowCarvanha 2.1k
ShadowDeerling 2k
ShadowLileep 2k
ShadowCryogonal 2k
ShadowCottonee 2k
ShadowCubone 2k
ShadowMareep 2k
ShadowOddish 1.9k
ShadowGrimer 1.9k
ShadowRegice 1.8k
ShadowTurtwig 1.7k
ShadowLuvdisc 1.6k
ShadowMurkrow 1.5k
ShadowZangoose 1.5k
ShadowLotad 1.5k
ShadowGoomy 1.5k
ShadowDrowzee 1.5k
ShadowHoppip 1.3k
ShadowStunfisk 1.3k


CursedSuicune N/A
CursedRaikou N/A
CursedDarkrai N/A
CursedMewtwo N/A
CursedMew N/A
CursedCranidos N/A
CursedMagikarp N/A
CursedDratini N/A
CursedAipom N/A
CursedRayquaza 6.5m
CursedVictini 2M
CursedArceus 1.5M
CursedHoundour 1M
CursedZapdos (G) 700k and (M) 1.1M
CursedAbsol (M)=700k (F)=800k(?)
CursedGiratina (B)=600k (UB)=350k
CursedDeoxys 400k
CursedArticuno 80k
CursedShinx 60k
CursedWeedle 50k
CursedDialga 50k
CursedYveltal 50k
CursedLugia 45k
CursedDiancie 45k
CursedCharmander 42k
CursedRiolu 40k
CursedLapras 40k
CursedCarnivine 40k
CursedChingling 40k
CursedLarvitar 38k
CursedGroudon 37k
CursedDuskull 35k
CursedGolett 35k
CursedHeracross 35k
CursedBulbasaur 35k
CursedShuppet 30k
CursedBeldum 30k
CursedEntei 30k
CursedHo-Oh 30k
CursedSpiritomb 25k
CursedSableye 25k
CursedCyndaquil 25k
CursedMoltres 25k
CursedPonyta 25k
CursedLatias 25k
CursedSneasel 25k
CursedSquirtle 25k
CursedAbra 25k
CursedNatu 22k
CursedPumpkaboo 22k
CursedMisdreavus 20k
CursedWynaut 20k
CursedLatios 20k
CursedZorua 18k
CursedUmbreon 18k
CursedGastly 15k
CursedPichu 15k
CursedAerodactyl 15k
CursedBuneary 12.5k
CursedTeddiursa 12k
CursedJirachi 12k
CursedFlareon 12k
CursedReshiram 12k
CursedYamask 10k
CursedSwablu 10k
CursedTrubbish 10k
CursedTaillow 10k
CursedShuckle 9k
CursedBagon 9k
CursedGible 9k
CursedGrowlithe 9k
CursedWailmer 8.5k
CursedMunchlax 8k
CursedLitleo 8k
CursedNumel 7.5k
CursedGligar 7.5k
CursedCelebi 7k
CursedEspurr 7k
CursedPachirisu 7k
CursedHonedge 7k
CursedRegisteel 6.5k
CursedPidgey 6.5k
CursedWurmple 6k
CursedMinun 6k
CursedGoomy 6k
CursedTorkoal 6k
CursedPlusle 6k
CursedCresselia 6k
CursedSolgaleo 6k
CursedRalts 5.5k
CursedDeino 5k
CursedMeowth 5k
CursedAzelf 5k
CursedNidoranM 5k
CursedMankey 5k
CursedTorchic 5k
CursedTreecko 5k
CursedChinchou 5k
CursedPancham 5k
CursedScyther 4.8k
CursedMudkip 4.5k
CursedWooper 4.5k
CursedHorsea 4.5k
CursedEkans 4.5k
CursedFurfrou 4.5k
CursedCubone 4.5k
CursedVoltorb 4.5k
CursedTauros 4.5k
CursedSmoochum 4.5k
CursedKrabby 4k
CursedShroomish 4k
CursedLeafeon 4k
CursedVibrava 4k
CursedMareep 4k
CursedSkitty 4k
CursedVulpix 4k
CursedTepig 4k
CursedCorsola 4k
CursedEspeon 4k
CursedPsyduck 4k
CursedCaterpie 3.9k
CursedPurrloin 3.5k
CursedAnorith 3.5k
CursedDelibird 3.5k
CursedChimchar 3.5k
CursedDucklett 3.5k
CursedIllumise 3.5k
CursedDedenne 3.5k
CursedStantler 3.5k
CursedBuizel 3.4k
CursedRegirock 3.2k
CursedMiltank 3.2k
CursedDrilbur 3k
CursedShellder 3k
CursedMunna 3k
CursedDiglett 3k
CursedDrifloon 3k
CursedSnivy 3k
CursedZubat 3k
CursedRattata 3k
CursedMinccino 3k
CursedMakuhita 3k
CursedPiplup 3k
CursedSpinda 3k
CursedGrimer 3k
CursedBaltoy 3k
CursedCubchoo 3k
CursedChespin 3k
CursedDoduo 3k
CursedChikorita 3k
CursedTirtouga 3k
CursedNincada 3k
CursedElekid 3k
CursedPidove 2.8k
CursedTurtwig 2.8k
CursedBasculin 2.5k
CursedRegice 2.5k
CursedTotodile 2.5k
CursedOshawott 3.5k
CursedAudino 2.5k
CursedSkorupi 2.5k
CursedDruddigon 2.5k
CursedJolteon 2.5k
CursedIgglybuff 2.5k
CursedNidoranF 2.5k
CursedHuntail 2.5k
CursedSwirlix 2.5k
CursedSandshrew 2.5k
CursedBurmy 2.5k
CursedUxie 2.5k
CursedThundurus 2.5k
CursedRoggenrola 2.4k
CursedPorygon2 2.4k
CursedSkarmory 2.3k
CursedTropius 2.2k
CursedFeebas 2.2k
CursedBonsly 2.2k
CursedAron 2.2k
CursedStarly 2k
CursedMeditite 2k
CursedKoffing 2k
CursedGorebyss 2k
CursedSmeargle 2k
CursedSkiddo 2k
CursedOnix 2k
CursedLunatone 2k
CursedGothita 2k
CursedPatrat 2k
CursedBellsprout 2k
CursedStunky 2k
CursedWhismur 2k
CursedMachop 2k
CursedSpheal 2k
CursedPineco 2k
CursedPoochyena 2k
CursedPawniard 2k
CursedSnorunt 2k
CursedPoliwag 2k
CursedStoutland 2k
CursedSeedot 1.9k
CursedPinsir 1.8k
CursedDrowzee 1.8k
CursedWoobat 1.8k
CursedNosepass 1.8k
CursedLotad 1.8k
CursedCleffa 1.8k
CursedYanma 1.8k
CursedWingull 1.8k
CursedStufful 1.8k
CursedAxew 1.7k
CursedOmanyte 1.7k
CursedKecleon 1.7k
CursedKabuto 1.6k
CursedScraggy 1.6k
CursedAlomomola 1.5k
CursedBergmite 1.5k
CursedOddish 1.5k
CursedSpearow 1.5k
CursedElectrike 1.5k
CursedSurskit 1.5k
CursedMawile 1.5k
CursedSnubbull 1.5k
CursedBudew 1.5k
CursedLedyba 1.5k
CursedGoldeen 1.5k
CursedHoppip 1.5k
CursedAzurill 1.5k
CursedParas 1.5k
CursedHoothoot 1.5k
CursedSlakoth 1.5k
CursedRemoraid 1.5k
CursedGeodude 1.5k
CursedDwebble 1.5k
CursedBouffalant 1.5k
CursedStaryu 1.4k
CursedMurkrow 1.4k
CursedShieldon 1.4k
CursedMaractus 1.4k
CursedLarvesta 1.4k
CursedSawk 1.4k
CursedMagby 1.4k
CursedCorphish 1.4k
CursedBronzor 1.4k
CursedSolosis 1.3k
CursedPansear 1.3k
CursedTynamo 1.3k
CursedBarboach 1.3k
CursedCroagunk 1.3k
CursedLillipup 1.3k
CursedGirafarig 1.3k
CursedLuvdisc 1.3k
CursedVenonat 1.3k
CursedVolbeat 1.3k
CursedSentret 1.3k
CursedSlowpoke 1.3k
CursedZigzagoon 1.2k
CursedTangela 1.2k
CursedInkay 1.2k
CursedDitto 1.2k
CursedCarvanha 1.2k
CursedShellos 1.2k
CursedLickitung 1.2k
CursedFarfetchd 1.2k
CursedSpinarak 1.2k
CursedRhyhorn 1.2k
CursedSlugma 1.2k
CursedSnover 1.2k
CursedDurant 1.2k
CursedExeggcute 1.2k
CursedThroh 1.1k
CursedTentacool 1.1k
CursedSolrock 1k

CursedArmaldo[Base] N/A
CursedGolbat[Base] N/A
CursedFlygon[Base] 35k
CursedPersian[Base] N/A
CursedPidgeotto[Base] N/A


RainbowMew N/A
RainbowGiratina N/A
RainbowReshiram N/A
RainbowDratini N/A
RainbowBeldum N/A
RainbowRayquaza N/A
RainbowSkorupi N/A
RainbowPsyduck N/A
RainbowMakuhita N/A
RainbowAbsol 170k
RainbowDarkrai 150k
RainbowOnix 150k
RainbowLugia 92k
RainbowDialga 85k
RainbowHitmonlee 70k
RainbowPinsir 65k
RainbowPalkia 60k
RainbowTeddiursa 50k
RainbowMewtwo 50k
RainbowCroagunk 45k
RainbowSlakoth 44k
RainbowArceus 40k
RainbowGolett 45k
RainbowGrimer 38k
RainbowEntei 35k
RainbowSableye 35k
RainbowGroudon 32k
RainbowHo-Oh 30k
RainbowCharmander 28k
RainbowShinx 25k
RainbowZapdos 25k
RainbowBulbasaur 25k
RainbowTrubbish 25k
RainbowYamask 25k
RainbowArticuno 24k
RainbowSquirtle 22k
RainbowRaikou 21k
RainbowZorua 20k
RainbowDeoxys 20k
RainbowGastly 19k
RainbowPonyta 19k
RainbowTorchic 18k
RainbowLatios 18k
RainbowGlalie 18k
RainbowUxie 18k
RainbowHappiny 18k
RainbowMesprit 16k
RainbowLitwick 15k
RainbowLatias 15k
RainbowHeracross 15k
RainbowScyther 13k
RainbowMagikarp 13k
RainbowMareep 12k
RainbowMunchlax 11k
RainbowShelmet 11k
RainbowTogepi 10k
RainbowSuicune 9k
RainbowSmeargle 9k
RainbowCaterpie 9k
RainbowKyogre 8.5k
RainbowAerodactyl 8k
RainbowRiolu 8k
RainbowTepig 8k
RainbowRalts 7k
RainbowGoldeen 7k
RainbowCyndaquil 7k
RainbowCranidos 7k
RainbowBagon 6k
RainbowShaymin 6k
RainbowFlareon 6k
RainbowCelebi 5.5k
RainbowBuneary 5.5k
RainbowJirachi 5.4k
RainbowSmoochum 5.3k
RainbowSeedot 5.2k
RainbowTurtwig 5.2k
RainbowRegice 5k
RainbowRegirock 5k
RainbowAzelf 5k
RainbowAron 5k
RainbowElekid 5k
RainbowMachop 4.7k
RainbowSlugma 4.7k
RainbowCarvanha 4.5k
RainbowGligar 4.5k
RainbowHitmonchan 4.5k
RainbowDrowzee 4.5k
RainbowTrapinch 4.5k
RainbowGulpin 4.4k
RainbowMudkip 4k
RainbowCubchoo 4k
RainbowLuvdisc 4k
RainbowKangaskhan 4k
RainbowSnivy 4k
RainbowOddish 4k
RainbowMienfoo 4k
RainbowPidgey 4k
RainbowRockruff 4k
RainbowMeditite 3.5k
RainbowVenonat 3.5k
RainbowTangela 3.5k
RainbowSpearow 3.5k
RainbowZigzagoon 3.5k
RainbowSurskit 3.4k
RainbowShuckle 3.2k
RainbowWingull 3k
RainbowKecleon 3k
RainbowAbra 3k
RainbowMiltank 3k
RainbowWeedle 3k
RainbowCleffa 3k
RainbowAzurill 3k
RainbowSpheal 3k
RainbowDwebble 3k
RainbowTentacool 3k
RainbowElgyem 3k
RainbowExeggcute 3k
RainbowSkitty 3k
RainbowNidoranM 2.9k
RainbowFrillish 2.8k
RainbowGeodude 2.6k
RainbowCombee 2.6k
RainbowSeel 2.5k
RainbowHitmontop 2.5k
RainbowPhanpy 2.5k
RainbowHorsea 2.5k
RainbowBlitzle 2k
RainbowEkans 2k
RainbowPansear 2k
RainbowAnorith 2k
RainbowHoothoot 2k
RainbowMinun 2k
RainbowSeviper 2k
RainbowNincada 1.5k


LuminousGiratina N/A
LuminousZapdos N/A
LuminousRayquaza N/A
LuminousSuicune N/A
LuminousMew N/A
LuminousDialga 3M
LuminousPalkia 2.3M
LuminousArticuno 1.5M
LuminousZygarde 215k
LuminousRegice 175k
LuminousRegirock 175k
LuminousRegisteel 175k
LuminousSpiritomb 55k
LuminousDuskull 50k
LuminousShinx 45k
LuminousRiolu 35k
LuminousGolett 33k
LuminousSylveon 30k
LuminousSableye 30k
LuminousTrubbish 30k
LuminousCranidos 25k
LuminousGrotle 25k (Base ONLY)
LuminousTorterra 25k (Base ONLY)
LuminousJirachi 25k
LuminousLugia 20k
LuminousTepig 18k
LuminousOshawott 18k
LuminousSnivy 18k
LuminousMewtwo 18k
LuminousGastly 18k
LuminousLitten 18k
LuminousGroudon 18k
LuminousArceus 17k
LuminousPonyta 16k
LuminousHo-Oh 15k
LuminousGrowlithe 15k
LuminousShuppet 15k
LuminousLitwick 14k
LuminousScyther 13k
LuminousMisdreavus 13k
LuminousFroakie 12k
LuminousDrifloon 12k
LuminousDratini 10k
LuminousTogepi 10k
LuminousBulbasaur 9k
LuminousCharmander 9k
LuminousSquirtle 9k
LuminousChikorita 9k
LuminousCyndaquil 9k
LuminousTotodile 9k
LuminousTreecko 9k
LuminousTorchic 9k
LuminousMudkip 9k
LuminousTurtwig 9k
LuminousChimchar 9k
LuminousPiplup 9k
LuminousBagon 8.5k
LuminousHoundour 8k
LuminousBouffalant 7k
LuminousHeatmor 7k
LuminousVulpix 7k
LuminousMachop 6.5k
LuminousSkarmory 6k
LuminousShroomish 6k
LuminousShaymin 6k
LuminousMunchlax 6k
LuminousMagikarp 5.8k
LuminousRalts 5.5k
LuminousCaterpie 5.3k
LuminousKangaskhan 5k
LuminousWooper 5k
LuminousSneasel 5k
LuminousLuvdisc 4.8k
LuminousSolrock 4.5k
Luminous Hitmonchan 4.5k
LuminousTauros 4.5k
LuminousFeebas 4k
LuminousAerodactyl 4k
LuminousFarfetchd 3.8k
LuminousDelibird 3.5k
LuminousNoibat 3.5k
LuminousGligar 3.5k
LuminousCacnea 3.5k
LuminousBidoof 3.5k
LuminousTropius 3.2k
LuminousGlameow 3k
LuminousDunsparce 3k
LuminousPsyduck 3k
LuminousKabuto 3k
LuminousWeedle 2.8k
LuminousGeodude 2.8k
LuminousRelicanth 2.5k
LuminousDitto 2.5k
LuminousLunatone 2.4k
LuminousCryogonal 2.2k
LuminousDurant 2k
LuminousClamperl 2k
LuminousKrabby 2k
LuminousMagnemite 1.9k


GoldenPichu N/A
GoldenLitleo TBD
GoldenCresselia N/A
GoldenMoltres 3m
GoldenGiratina (M)=800k (F)=850k
GoldenRayquaza 600k
GoldenKeldeo 400k
GoldenKyurem 350k
GoldenHeatran 300k
GoldenLugia 200k
GoldenZygarde 200k
GoldenTogepi 140k
GoldenGlaceon 110k
GoldenLatios 85k
GoldenLapras 80k
GoldenDialga 80k
GoldenZubat 70k
GoldenTrubbish 70k
GoldenHo-Oh 60k
GoldenPikachu 55k
GoldenVulpix 55k
GoldenScyther 50k
GoldenDuskull 35k
GoldenOddish 35k
GoldenGenesect 30k
GoldenCaterpie 30k
GoldenShinx 30k
GoldenXerneas 25k
GoldenTeddiursa 20k
GoldenTorkoal 20k
GoldenBuizel 16k
GoldenMimikyu 16k
GoldenMankey 15k
GoldenPsyduck 9k
GoldenAbra 8.5k
GoldenMudkip 8k


GlitterGiratina 750k
GlitterDialga 250k
GlitterVulpix 200k
GlitterRayquaza 100k


Raikou N/A
Darkrai N/A
Arceus N/A
Cobalion N/A
Missingno. N/A
AncientMew N/A
Mew N/A
Dialga N/A
Shiny N/A

Mod Pogeys:

*Inside the square brackets are the ID's of People who created them.
Some are banned/past staff.

[#2]RainbowHoundour N/A
[#2]RainbowWynaut (F)=425k (M)=700k
[#444]RainbowFeebas (M)=350k (F)=500k
[#111]RainbowVulpix N/A
[#1328]RainbowGible 500k
[#3831]RainbowLarvitar N/A
[#12295]RainbowPichu 2.5m

[#444]LuminousSnorunt N/A
[#12295]LuminousPichu N/A
[#2945]LuminousAbsol N/A
[#2]LuminousCubone N/A

[#444]ShadowLapras N/A
[#3831]ShadowFeebas N/A
[#1329]ShadowHeracross N/A

[#16009]GoldenRalts N/A
[#16009]GoldenGardevoir N/A

Hmm that's it.
If you find anything missing, please post.
Oh also, new promos will only be updated after it has been took off the Promo Center, I don't rate whilst it still being a Promo.

Gradient A-Z is worth 500,000 coins.

Catcherpro 10/10
Zapdos#1329 over 9000
Dualot as the best
DaMan as a noob
Xhinz 5/7
Grimreaper A++
jamesdomingo :dark_sunglasses:
nephew34 Hell just go ahead and give it to someone else
Applejack :poop:

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March 24, 2015 11:05:43pm
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does that mean you are going to update or you want somebody else to do it?

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March 25, 2015 5:49:21am
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No, I think Rowl is going to make the List again

Make Your wish come true!.....Well, it depends on what you wish for, sooooo...
Be Sensible!!
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Thanks bmw2004!
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March 27, 2015 9:51:08am
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Nice rates thnx

Lf bug type coloureds !
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March 27, 2015 11:38:22am
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I like it, 10/10

Don't read this. Your wasting your time.
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March 27, 2015 3:13:44pm
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Thank you for the Rate List,Rowl!XD



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Gift from my Good Friend! complanboy!
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Thank you kev my Caring Friend!
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Thank You Robath my Friend!
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A gift from my Good Friend Shamey
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Thank you Queenx my Friend!
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Thank You bmw2004 my Friend!
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Gift from Shamey my friend!
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March 28, 2015 12:21:39pm
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Thx for the list
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April 01, 2015 9:43:22am
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good list

Midorima Shintarou
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The Best! ((̲̅ ̲̅(̲̅C̲̅r̲̅a̲̅y̲̅o̲̅l̲̲̅̅a̲̅( ̲̅̅((>
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April 01, 2015 9:01:34pm
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tyvm for the updated list. I'm a little sad that the rate of s. golett went up but it is still a good list.
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April 12, 2015 10:12:22pm
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Think Ancients should have an estimated rate.
Legendaries maybe 50k-70k.
Normals maybe 6k-8k.
Not entirely sure though, but an estimate should give a better rate towards ancients.

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April 22, 2015 9:55:20am (This post was last modified: April 19, 2017 3:02:08pm by EliteBOY.)
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The List.

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April 24, 2015 3:25:22pm
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I also need to know how much shadow paras and c.inkay rate and cant the legends rate go up anymore
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April 24, 2015 6:12:37pm
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April 27, 2015 4:18:28pm
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April 24, 2015 4:12:37pmDynam0 Wrote:  It clearly says, I wont rate the current promo until it changes.

it changed over a week ago tbh

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