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Fight or flight RP
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Fight or flight RP
February 12, 2019 5:45:16am (This post was last modified: February 25, 2019 7:38:17pm by Withercraft.)
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Fight or flight RP
Idk if this is still available, but if it is heres mine

Name: Coretik(real name Willburg, but only he knows that)
last seen as a normal human at age 25, current age unown, assumed 29
attributes:Has 4 arms but only uses two unless needed, in combat he is pretty slow, but fierce, he also very skilled and is feared throughout most civilizations left from the plague. He is a Cyborg with a pretty hacking cough.

appearence:basically general grievous but with broad arms(all of my image hosting sites dont work, if you wouldnt mind could you google up "general grievous"?) BUT if you need a description he is 7foot 4inches, has a visible human neck and eyes, as well as flesh around the eyes, but the rest is machine. Sporting six fingers on each hand, however, when split to use all four arms each hand has 3 fingers. his chestplate is made up of 2 large peices (again it looks like general grievous) that when opened will reveal his heart and lungs.

personality: Very serious, not talkative whatsoever, and dislikes The Burning Legion AND Whisper, but isnt exactly with whick or cevilians. Often overconfident. Has a tegnancy to insult opponents, for example if he is fighting a gang member he would say something like "Whisper Scum"

other: IF its ok i would like him to have a grudge with ibuki, and at first hates the main characters, but grows to see them as allies? its ok if not. He wields all four swords made of titanium, only when nessecary. mentored by Volkrya

Any minor villians

Any Minor civilians

Character name: Volkrya, age 30, and mentor of Coretik

Appearence: Seemingly an old man, with white hair and white beard, and slight amount of freckles. He wears a black robe that covers his legs and feet. wields a long two-handed sword, and also knows some black magic(I.E telepathy)

personality: Serious, Mature, Classy, when in combat though he will verbally abuse his opponent to make them unfocused. however isnt all that tough.

other: leads a group against the other gangs (if thats ok, if not then ???) He actually controls Coretik but sees him as a disposable pawn(Coretik views Volkrya as a father, but later in the story learns Volkrya's intentions and rebels.)

Character Name: Amanda, age 25, Side: ???

appearence: about 5'4, dark blue eyes, and Dark brown silky hair. cute :3

Personality: Kind, sweet, caring, she does not like to see people suffer, no matter who it is. However her sympathy at times causes her downfall

other: side ???, rather not fight, but she is good with a bow

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