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Pokemon Creed is an online Pokemon RPG website with an aim to provide the ultimate gaming experience in addition to supporting various charities.

It's the most updated Pokemon MMORPG ever released thanks to the dedication of Pokemon Creed and its community.
Pokemon Creed arguably contains more features than any other Pokemon RPG.

The online Pokemon game, Pokemon Creed, is not associated with the following companies:
Gamefreak, Nintendo, Nintendo of Japan, Nintendo of America, Creatures, or any other company that owns rights to Pokemon.

All Pokemon, Pokemon data, Pokemon images and any other related names used on Pokemon Creed are copyrighted to:
Nintendo, Gamefreak, Creatures and its respected owners.

The majority of the server-side programming/coding and design are coded and copyright by Da Man.

No trademark or copyright infringement is intended.
We strongly urge all players to purchase the actual Pokemon games/merchandise and recommend them to others.

For more credits about this Pokemon MMO, please visit the bottom of this page.

Only access Pokemon Creed via or

Educational Value:
A conducted research shows that by playing this free Pokemon RPG, the players' English will improve in many ways and also:
Their grammar, mathematics, and especially their short/long term memory.

Not only that, many players of Creed also develop very useful skills, such as touch typing.
As with all games, players will become less prone to getting scammed through experience and gain the ability to see through scams/tricks/fraud.
As the Pokemon MMORPG features multiple currencies, items and Pokemon, players will develop trade/marketing/persuasion skills while the items/pokemon/currencies change in value from time to time just like stocks/shares do.

Players will hone their numerical memory and maths skills, as this game involves calculating experience, levels, currencies, trading and so forth.

We also provide a CAPTCHA system that is educationally valuable.
For instance, we have a CAPTCHA that aids the learning of the Greek Alphabet, which is commonly used in Mathemematics and Science.

The map systems also follow a 'latitude and longitude' coordinate system which will help develop navigational and geographical skills.

For very important queries about this online Pokemon RPG, please contact xlossage[at]gmail[dot]com.

If you spot any very serious glitches, bugs or potential security issues, please email xlossage[at]gmail[dot]com and you will be rewarded.

Pokemon Online

This is what makes this game so special than the other Pokemon online games:
Pokemon Creed isn't a corrupt and greedy community but generously contributes to charity on a regular basis.

Unlike much of the other Pokemon RPGs, donations are made to charity on a regular basis!

By doing something as fun as playing Pokemon Creed, liking us on Facebook, or even just visiting the Pokemon RPG once in a while:
You will be helping Pokemon Creed contribute to charity.

Remember, it's not the owner who's actually donating the money, it's you as the Pokemon Creed community that is doing so.

Together we can make a huge difference and will continue to do so - to prevent poverty, cancer, diseases, and to help unfortunate people!

Since 22 April 2012, altogether we've contributed $1,675.53 US Dollars to various charities. Thanks!

Please email xlossage[at]gmail[dot]com if you have a preference or idea to which charity should receive the next donation and it'll be considered.

Last donation: Donated $100.00 to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
Currency conversion rates are provided by Citibank N.A. and are approximately valid as of the time of donation.

As of August 2012, video of the donations will be recorded and uploaded via YouTube.

Pokemon RPG

Here's the entire list of all donations.
Although they are issued by the game owner, please remember it is YOU who has helped this donation come true, NOT Da Man.
Without you and all the players, this list of donations would be completely empty, so thank YOU!

Click on the image below to see the screenshot + transaction ID zoomed in.

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Date Amount Link(s)

Pokemon RPG

5th September 2014$100.00

Pokemon RPG

11th June 2013$100.00

Pokemon Online Game

9th April 2013$100.00

Pokemon Online

3rd February 2013$100.00

Pokemon RPG

5th January 2013$130.00

Pokemon MMO

19th December 2012$100.00

Pokemon RPG Online

17th November 2012$130.00

Pokemon Online RPG

6th October 2012$100.00 (62 GBP)

Pokemon MMORPG

1 August 2012$100.00
-1 July 2012$100.36 (64 GBP)
-2 June 2012$100.00
-1 May 2012$205.00
-1 May 2012$100.00
-23 April 2012$102.12
-22 April 2012$108.00

Pokemon MMORPG

Multiple scripts/sources and language packs was used for "Creed Bot", a bot which can interact with other players via Private Messages or the chatrooms.

Functions that displays time in multiple formats, i.e. time left.

Edited from Pokemon: Rainbows and Shadows sprites redesigned by Xhinz; Cursed and Luminous sprites redesigned by Dualot and various users.

Open source Blab! Lite chatrooms and gradient javascript code, modified by me.

JavaScript nickname system coded by Shivam Bhatt, implemented and adapted to be used in the game by me.

The forum theme was originally designed by Azagthoth for MyBB.
The PHP-side of the forum was coded by me (it's not MyBB).

Most of the sixth generation sprites are created by Noscium.
Logged out themes (whilst not logged into the game) was designed and CSS coded by me, except:
Images/etc. & wallpaper was sourced from Pokemon and third party/external sources.

Password strength calculator and image selection for forms are created by third party.

Thanks to Loupii (from DeviantArt) and Sprite Database for the Games Corner sprite.

Pokemon RPG

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Game Released: 11th June 2010 | Total Members: 435,369